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Gil Galad

Known as "Star or Raidance" is the son of Fingon (son of Fingolfin) He was originally named Ereinion and became the last High King of the Noldor after the death of his uncle Turgon. He came to Lindon in Middle-Earth at the end of the 1st Age after the War of the Wrath which destroyed the land of Beleriand. He was the bearer of the third great Elven Rings (the Sapphire Ring of Water which is the most powerful of the Elven Rings) and gave his to Elrond upon his death at the Last Alliance of Elves and men. He's name is revered by elves and fans alike.  

His spear was named Aeglos and he was played by Mark Ferguson.

Secret Diary
Costume Poised Stab "Sauron!? HERE?!"
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