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Secret Diary of Gil-Galad

Disclaimer: I have put this off for far too long. *he he* This is NOT I repeat NOT my idea I have expanded upon another's idea. I recommend you read the diaries here (the ones I have no affiliation with) before you read this.

The Very Secret Diary of High Elven-King Gil-Galad of Lindor

Day One
Got pretty ring today, its blue and shiny and much more powerful than Galadriel’s or Cirdan’s – Note to Self: Don’t tease the one who has the Ring of Fire – my arse is gonna be sore for days.
Day Three
Showed Elrond my ring, he wasn’t impressed when I broke his arm to show how it heals things so well.
Day Five
Elrond has gone missing, he doesn’t want to play Doctors and Patients anymore. Gotta go and find a new “assistant” now.
Day Thirty
Sauron made his own ring, stupid show off, Celebrimor is not impressed. The ring is so plain, it doesn’t even have a good name “The One Ring” what don’t Orc’s have imaginations or something?
Day Forty
Sauron is using his ring to cover the land in darkness. I guess I better do something about it. Elrond has returned and brought my old friend Elendil with him, though he ran away when I wanted to show Elendil how cool my ring was.
Day Forty-One
Seriously hung over – need to use Ring to Heal myself. What did I do last night? Why am I wearing a garter on my ear?
Day Forty-Three
Isildur came today, sobbing his eyes out over some Tower place and some Tree, said Sauron took his tree-e-weeey, stupid baby. Gave Elendil sympathetic look as he comforted the man. Discussed Sauron with Elendil think he’s getting too big for his boots and they are BIG boots. Made an Alliance with Elendil.
Day Forty-Four
Elendil went to get his men today, had one last piss up to celebrate.
Day Forty-Five
Hung over again – Ring of Water really useful in healing. Found Aeglos and made him shiny again and dressed myself in my battle wear – must admit – I look good.
Day Forty-Seven
Arrived at Imladris with shiny host of Elves and met Elendil’s shiny host of men. Elrond rolled his eyes when I tried to convince them to do a small stage production – who’s he kidding – he just wants the lead role.
Day Fifty
On the road again …. Travelling to save Middle Earth – that sounds so melodramatic – still no luck on the stage production idea – I swear it will dazzle Sauron – but no, Elrond wants to do battle.
Day Seventy
Marching down the river now – scenery kinda bland and boring.
Day Seventy-Five
Found Sauron’s army in Dagorlad and slaughtered it today (had a pretty bird on my shoulder the whole time) and got to stab heaps of Orcs.
Day Seventy-Six
Slaughtered hundreds upon hundreds of Orcs today – Go Me!
Day Seventy-Seven
All was going well today we nearly had the Orcs beat, even Elendil was happy again, that was until Sauron came out in his spiky rams armour with his huge mace thingy – he was flinging Elves and Men everywhere – such a drama queen. He killed Elendil! He KILLED Elendil! I was so angry that I kinda missed the spike sticking out of my side – Elrond came rushing up to me and I convinced him to take my Ring – stupid git he just gazed at it and said something about making a haven for Elves and Sauron being destroyed – I wanted him to try and heal me.

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