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Gollum/ Sméagol

Part of this is book and part of this is movie

Gollum was once a Hobbit like creature known as Sméagol. His friend found the One Ring in the Bed of Anduin and Sméagol stole it from him and took it into the deep reaches of the Misty Mountains. There it plagued his mind for 500 years, until it felt it was time and left Gollum only to be picked up by Bilbo. Gollum was devastated that he had lost his "precious" and soon he made his way to Mordor. Gollum was captured at Mordor and tortured by Sauron's minions to find the location of the ring but the only information he gave was "Shire, Baggins" thus leading the Black Riders to the hobbits. [Book] Gollum escaped Mordor (or was released) and was captured by Aragorn who then took him to the Mirkwood elves, but at the Council of Elrond, Legolas told of how Gollum had escaped leaving him free to follow the fellowship and the ring south to Mordor. "One day he refused to come down .. he had learned the trick of clinging to boughs with his feet as well as his hands." [/Book]  Gollum is a Computer Generated Animation (CGA) and is voiced by Andy Serkis.

In Fellowship of the Ring Gollum follows the fellowship into  Moria where Frodo sees him and says "It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill him when he had the chance." Gandalf's reply "It's pity that saved him ... Gollum has some part yet to play in all of this." Even Aragorn and Boromir notice him trailing them down the River Anduin (Special Edition DVD).

In The Two Towers (hopefully the Special Edition version) we will see Gollum's past where his friend Déagol finds the ring and Sméagol kills him claiming the ring is his "birthday present". He goes deep into the Misty Moutnains and lives for 500 years in its depths and become consumed by the ring. By chance Bilbo finds the ring whilst running from Goblins and takes the ring from Gollum.

After leaving the fellowship behind, Frodo and Sam find their trek through Emyn Muil is being dogged by the creature Gollum. They capture him and bind him with Sam's elvish rope and form an alliance with him to get him to lead them into Mordor for only he knows the way.

"No, no Master! Don't take the Precious to him! He'll eat us if he gets it, eat the whole world."

Courtesy of The Two Towers Visual Companion by Jude Fisher for some of the quotes and information

In the movie the sequence where Gollum and Sméagol are having a conversation is priceless - it is so cute and so funny, "But Master's our friend... You don't have any friends, nobody likes you ... *hands over ears* Not listening," "Leave now and never come back ... what?...Leave now and NEVER come back... he's gone ...I told him to go and he did" Sméagol does a happy dance yelling "he's gone, he's gone." His voice and expressions are so realistic that you can't even tell that he is CG animated at all. The face of Farmir when Gollum comes back "Sméagol why are you crying?" and has a conversation with himself is a crack up. Gollum was handled brilliantly and I wasn't in the least bit disappointed - I have been waiting for two years to see what he looked like and I am not disappointed in the slightest. "Rock and pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweet, our only wish to catch a fish so juicy sweet."

Disclaimer: I don't own these lyrics I got them from the TTT Soundtrack by Reprise Records - Warner Bros Music. For those that don't have the soundtrack here are the words to Horward Shore (Music), Fran Walsh (Lyrics) and Emiliana Torrini (Vocalist) Gollum's Song:

Where once was light     Now darkness falls     Where once was love     Love is no more    Don't say - goodbye    Don't say - I didn't try ...    These tears we cry    Are falling rain    For all the lies     Your told us     The hurt the blame!    And we will weep    To be so alone    We are lost!     We can never go home    So in the end     I will be - what I will be    No loyal friend     Was ever there for me    Now we say - goodbye    No we say - you didn't try ...    These tears you cry     Have come to late    Take back the lies    The hurt, the blame!    And you will weep    When you face the end alone    You are lost!     You can never go home

One of the most sinister but well loved characters he goes more and more evil as the movie progresses, Gollum has convinced the Smeagol half that the Hobbits are bad and that they must die so that he can have the Ring too to himself.

We get to see the beginning of Gollum’s reliance on the Ring where we start with Smeagol and Deagol fishing in a river until Deagol finds the Ring, Smeagol tries to get it from Deagol claiming it as his birthday present but his friend doesn’t give it up so Smeagol kills him, he is banished from his home and he retreats, slowly decaying, “We forgot the taste of bread.” And he turns into Gollum, deep in the Misty Mountains.

He leads them to the steps of Minas Morgul and they travels up but along the way Sam overhears Gollum plotting their deaths, “he’s a villain.” But Gollum convinces Frodo that “He wants the Ring for himself.” He even plots to get Frodo against Sam by planting crumbs over Sam and throwing the remaining lembas bread over the cliff. Frodo sends Sam away and Gollum thinks he has won and leads Frodo to Shelob where he waits until the spider has finished with him to get the Ring. But Frodo escaped and Gollum attacks him only to be thrown over the cliff.

Thinking Gollum gone, Frodo and Sam make their way across Mordor and up into Mount Doom where Gollum attacks them again and tries to take the Ring and it is only when Frodo claims the Ring for himself does  Gollum clobber Sam on the head and attack Frodo taking off Frodo’s finger and claiming the Ring. The look of shear exaltation on  his face is hilarious and he jumps up and down with glee until Frodo crash tackles him and he falls into the lava of the volcano and dies.

Andy Serkis plays both the human and CGI side of Gollum and when asked what memorabilia he had he told Empire that he was given a replica of the Ring, “Because it was my birthday and I wanted it.”

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