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Haldir of Lorien

Haldir is the Captain of the elves in The Golden Wood and challenges all who enters the border. He, along with his brothers, Rumil and Orophin and several other scouts waylay Aragorn and company on their route to Lothlorien after their run from Moria.

Knowing Aragorn, Haldir agrees to let the group in but is discouraged by the dwarf Gimli, "a dwarf! That is not well. We have not had dealings with Dwarves since the Dark Days. They are not permitted in this land. I cannot allow him to pass." In the movie he says to Gimli, "You breathe so loud that we could shoot you in the dark."

He wears clothing that is "Shadow-grey, and could not be seen among the tree-stems unless they moved suddenly." And the company of elves managed to sneak up on the fellowship as they move so silently through the brush. Haldir leads them over the small stream by the use of ropes and onto the shores of Naith of Lorien where by all of the company are blindfolded much to the dislike of Legolas.

"You cannot go back, Now you have come thus far, you must be brought before the Lord and the Lady. They shall judge you, to hold you, or to give you leave, as they will. You cannot cross the rivers again, and behind you now, there are secret sentinels that you cannot pass. You would be slain before you saw them." He then leads the company to Galadriel and Celeborn and reports his findings. "Haldir had bidden them farewell and gone back again to the fences of the North, where great watch was now kept since the tidings of Moria the Company brought." He comes back just before the company leaves in the boats and gives Sam the elven rope made of hithain.

Haldir is played by Craig Parker known for his work on Young Hercules. And hopefully in the movie trilogy there more of Haldir to come (I can hope) as there is a rumour that Haldir may lead a band of elves during the battle at Helm's Deep but I guess we just have to wait until the next movie comes out to be sure. 

Okay any Haldir fan HAS to get the Special Edition DVD - you HAVE to get it as there is an extended sequence that is at the entrance to Lothlorien where he greets the Fellowship and tells them that they can't continue because of the "evil" that Frodo is carrying - he argues with Aragorn and takes them there (be warned of the VERY unflattering scene of Haldir - a sneak peak at it in the last image below - BE WARNED). 

From The Two Towers Visual Companion by Jude Fisher p63: "Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn of the Golden Wood, and their captain, Haldir of Galadhrim, must debate long and hard as the best course of action to pursue." (I was really happy in Novemeber when I read this J.)

I was so excited when I heard the Elvish horns at Helm's Deep - I sat forward in my seat and grinned waiting for Haldir to appear. In march the Elves - barely dusk on the night of the battle. Théoden goes down to greet them and who in all his golden splendor should be there to greet him? Haldir of course! J "There was once an alliance between men and elves, and so it shall be again." Out runs Aragorn, Legolas following closely behind, his arm raised "Haldir!" and he rushes up to the Elf and gives him a big hug - much to Haldir's surprise but he quickly smiles (*sigh*) and returns the hug and then Legolas rushes up to him and gives him the "manly - one-handed shoulder hug" (more description of this in Aragorn's TTT bio). Haldir joins Aragorn on the walls of Helm's Deep with all of his men. He wears a dark maroon cloak over brilliant shiny golden armour (I wants it.)

He aims and shoots with all of his men (yes it was Haldir in THAT picture- left). Though as Aragorn calls the retreat to the Keep - Haldir is still on the wall and nods and calls to his men to retreat only to get stabbed by an Orc and cleaved in the back by another - Aragorn sees this and rushes up to him but Haldir is already dying - in his last breaths he sees all of the dead elves around him and falls into Aragorn's arms. (It is sooo sad - I'm almost crying now as I write this *sniff*.) And so the tale of this wonderful Elf ends - may he find the Shores of Valinor in his next life.

And here are the words to the "Death Song" 
Ar sindarnóriello caita mornië, Ar ilye teir unduláva lumbulë... (Quenya)
And out of a grey country lies darkness, And all paths are drowned deep in shadow..." (English from the Namarië poem in FotR)

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