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Legolas - Fellowship of the RIng

Prince Legolas, son of King Thranduil of the Mirkwood elves whose name means Greenleaf, represents the elves in the Fellowship. He is 2,931 years old and knows all about Aragorn and most likely has traveled with him as Aragorn took the captured Gollum to the Mirkwood elves for safe keeping. Legolas travels to Rivendell as an envoy with the news that Gollum had escaped. "Not through lack of watchfulness, but perhaps through over-kindliness...We guarded the creature day and night, at Gandalf's bidding, much though we wearied of the task."  In the movie it is he who stands up for Aragorn and volunteers himself for the Fellowship, "You have my bow."

Like most of the elves Legolas distrusts Dwarves and is disappointed when Gimli stands up to take his place in the Fellowship. But along the journey Legolas starts liking the dwarf and they become fast friends especially after Aragorn convinces Legolas to be blindfolded by Haldir, "I am an Elf and a kinsman here." Aragorn: "Now lets us cry: 'a plague on the stiff necks of Elves!'" As on the boats out of Lothlorien Legolas and Gimli share one and they have a competition to who slays the most Orcs at every battle and share the joy when Aragorn tells them that they will go and hunt some Orcs.

As an elf, Legolas is very fast and accurate with the bow and more than deadly with two white knives with filigreed blades. Legolas is able to see very clearly over distance and has an acute sense of hearing, "There is a fell voice on the air." He even seems able to sense the danger of the Uruk-Hai upcoming attack, "There is danger, I can feel it." He is light footed, as he is able to walk effortlessly across the snow and swift as he jumps onto the Cave Trolls chain. As a forest elf he can read the environment which the same amount of clarity as Aragorn. 

Legolas is played by spirited newcomer Orlando Bloom (who now has a legion of female fans). Originally he tried out for the role of Faramir (Boromir's brother) but found himself cast as Legolas instead. He takes his job seriously and knows the way of the elves but also knows how to have fun by jumping out of aeroplanes and cable cars. "When I think of Legolas. I think of a cat...they are graceful and poised, but always switched-on. That's Legolas."

Legolas - The Two Towers

Legolas - Return of the King

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A quick quote from the Two Towers sums up the strange relationship between Legolas and Gimli As Gimli is describing the caverns of Helm's Deep and how his people would pay gold to see them, Legolas's reply is: "And I would give gold to be excused and double to be let out if I strayed in." I just (and still) find it hilarious, but he does go there with Gimli in exchange for going to Fangorn and Gimli does take his people to live there and Legolas brings Elves and trees to surround the area making it a haven for Elves and Dwarves alike.

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