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Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee is Frodo's closest and most loyal friend. He is a gardener at heart and has spent his whole life at Hobbiton and it is only his loyalty to Frodo that makes him leave his humble life behind. Steadfast, quiet, solid and dependable is what makes Sam the best companion for Frodo to take on his last journey. "He said, 'You look after him Samwise Gamgee, don't let him out of your sight', I'm not going to leave you Mr Frodo." And he is inseparable from Frodo as Elrond puts it: "It is hardly possible to separate you from him, even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not." Sam is played by Sean Astin an actor of many credits who brings the goodness and steadfast friendship of Sam and Frodo to life on the screen, "Sam loves Frodo and wants to protect him and Frodo is extremely protective of Sam."

Sam follows Frodo to the paths of Emyn Muil as they wander around in circles trying to find their way through the maze eating "Lembas and look, more lembas" and they find in the middle of the night a visitor - the sneaky Gollum - Sam binds Gollum in his elven rope (which actually burns Gollum). Sam disagrees that they should let Gollum go and watches him very carefully. Sam dogs Frodo's steps knowing that he is slowly being taken by the ring "you have  it out all of the time now." He follows the pair into the Dead Marshes and to the Black Gate where he sees a chance to sneak into Mordor "The only place you don't want to see any closer to is the very place we are trying to get to" as the army of Easterlings enter through the gate. But he falls from his perch and tumbles down the hill - leaving Frodo's elven cloak as their only defense. He disagrees with Frodo that they should follow Gollum some more and gets even more protective of him. It is really funny when Gollum calls Sam a "Stupid fat Hobbit"  for cooking the coneys and he tries to include Gollum in his cooking by wanting some "taters...chips" to which Gollum replies "you can keep your nasty chips." 

He defends Frodo at every step even when they are captured by the Gondorian Captain Faramir, "Can't you see ... he's going to destroy it." He bravely stops Frodo from giving the ring to the Wraith in Osgiliath and hence shows Faramir it's power and breaks the back by saying "Do you want to know what happened to Boromir? He tried to take the ring from Frodo." Faramir lets them go and they proceed to follow Gollum into the secret way into Mordor, though Gollum has another agenda..."The fat hobbit knows, he's always watching us."

Sam has an absolutely huge role in Return of the King where he is the companion to Frodo as he continues his journey into Mordor. Sam suspects Gollum but it isn't until he hears Gollum talking about killing them that he attacks, but Frodo is too blind to see it. Gollum gets rid of Sam by convincing Frodo that Sam wants the Ring for himself and leaves Sam, "Go home" on the steps of Minas Morgul. Sam "I only want to help" starts to make his way down and finds the lembas that Gollum had thrown away so he turns around and travels back up and into Shelobs lair, after the tunnel he finds Shelob ready to make a meal of Frodo, picks up Sting and the light of Earendil and attacks her, forcing her to leave them alone. Thinking Frodo dead, Sam takes the Ring and hides as he hears Orcs coming but Frodo is not dead. Feeling stupid Sam goes and saves Frodo from the Orcs in the tower, "Not if I stick you first" and together they make their way to Mount Doom. "I cannot carry it Mr. Frodo but I can carry you."

Sam is gorgeous in this movie - his tears will bring tears to even the most cold hearted person. And he even gets to marry Rosie in the end which is very sweet (with PJ's kids appearing at the wedding too). But by far the saddest moment is when Frodo leaves and Sam returns home to continue his life in the Shire.

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