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Denethor - Steward of Gondor

Steward of Gondor and father of both Boromir and Faramir, Denethor is a dark character. Having seen both his wife and eldest son die, Denethor falls into a pit of despair, nothing his youngest son Faramir could do would stop be\ring him out of his madness. He spurns Gandalf telling him he is not welcome and declines to allow the beacons to be lit to call for aid. He sends out Faramir to his certain death telling him, “It depends on how you return,” to Faramir remark to think better of him. Even when Faramir asks if he wishes that he had died instead of Boromir, his father replies yes giving him the title of one of the most hated characters for this remark. When Faramir returns Denethor goes quite mad, “No tomb for us, we shall burn like the heathen Kings of old.” When Pippin tries to stop him Denethor throws him out, “I release you from my service.” And even Gandalf has to take control of the defence of the city because Denethor has retreated into the halls. It takes Shadowfax to stop him and he falls onto the fire and burst s into flames before running off the top of the city, falling and burning to his death, “There passes Denethor, son of Ecthelion, Steward of Gondor.”

Denethor is played by Aussie actor John Nobel [insert Aussie pride here] perfectly, and all agree that Denethor is one despicable character. He even remarks that Denethor’s dislike for Faramir probably stems from the fact that Faramir looks so much like the wife that he had lost and nothing that his youngest son could do would be about to wipe that impression out of his mind.

Drinking Death Steward
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