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They come from the direction of their name the desert places near the sea of Rhun, east of Mordor. They are also tribal and descend from the men who refused to join the Elves during the second Age, they have a strong caste system that distinguishes between the warriors, servants and workers who looked over them. Strong tribes often subjugated weak ones and they often went on raiding parties to capture men and women as slaves. They often paid tribute to Sauron and gave up their army to his needs, they are highly disciplined troops and effective against all enemies, being from such a proud and conquering race. On the fields of Pelennor they are sent after the great trolls to take over the city (fingers crossed this is in the SE) but soon after that defeat and their alley Sauron is destroyed, Aragorn leads the people of Gondor against them causing them to retreat further and further into the East, out of the reach of Gondor. The conquers have become conquered.

Their sleek pointed plate armour and winged helmets give the Easterlings a menacing look and along with their crocked swords and sharp spears they are a worthy foe.




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