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Lord Elrond

After the war against Sauron in the second age, Elrond founded the city of Rivendell. He fought in the last alliance of man and took Isildur to Mount Doom to get rid of the One Ring but his wisdom went unheeded. "Men are weak." Elrond is known as half elven as he can trace his line back to the legendary Luthien and Beren. He is a legendary healer and is able to drawn Frodo out from the depths of shadow and is the bearer and protector of the Elven ring of power, Vilya, Ring of Air. He is married to Galadriel and Celeborn's daughter, Celebrian and has three children, Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir. Elrond if played by Hugo Weaving best known for his work in The Matrix and The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, "He understands not just was has happened but what might happen."

In the Two Towers we see Elrond telling Argorn to let Arwen leave MIddle Earth and him behind - where "She can carry her love" Aragorn: "But only a memory." He convinces Arwen to leave by telling her her fate if she chooses to stay (Arwen page has the details of this) - as he watches her go - he converses with Galadriel and makes the decision to send a host of Elves to aid the fight at Helm's Deep - elves to be lead by the Elf Captain, Haldir. We will definitely see more of Elrond in Return of the King.

During Return of the King Elrond is confronted by Arwen “Tell me what you have seen” and he reluctantly admits that he had seen her son. He relents to her decision and reforges the broken shards of Narsil and travels to the Rohirrim encampment of Dunharrow to give Aragorn the new sword, “Arwen is dying, her fate is tied with that of Sauron and the Ring.”

“Become who you were born to be”he intones to Aragorn and leads him on the path to Dimholt, “You need an army.” At the end he travels to Minas Tirith, delivering his daughter to the King and makes his goodbyes before joining the other ringbearers on the last ship into the West.

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