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Captan Faramir of Gondor

Faramir is the brother of Boromir and second (and much less loved) son of the Steward of Gondor, Denethor. As Captain of a group of Rangers he patrols the border land of Ithilien protecting Gondor from an incursion of Orcs, Mordor Beasts or any of the men that aid Sauron (i.e. Easterlings and Southrons). It is on one of these patrols that he comes across two hobbits and takes them captive - thinking that they could be spies of Mordor.

He tries to get from them how Boromir died - as he not only dreamed of Boromir's funeral boat but also found the cleaved horn on the shores. He wants to prove himself to his father as his father feels the loss of Boromir and despises his younger son for living whilst Boromir lies dead. He is stern and uses his power to get the information he desires from the hobbits slowly drawing it out of them - when he discovers that they have the ring of power he quickly takes them to Osgiliath and commands his men to take them to his father with "a great gift."

He only lets the hobbits go when he sees first hand the power of the ring, "At last we understand one another Frodo." It is Sam's words: "Do you want to know what happened to Boromir? He tried to take the ring from Frodo" that make him decide to let them go on their journey whilst he bears the wrath of his father, "Then my life is forfeit."

Faramir is played by Aussie actor David Wenham who is known for his role as the scarf-ed Diver Dan  in Sea Change and who also played the pyromaniac Doug in Cosi (I had to study it for school) - so I kinda find Denethor's fate and what he does to Faramir funny.

Faramir starts off in Osgiliath where he was at the end of the Two Towers, but the Orcs are too many and he has to withdraw his men from the city and hence give them a way across the river and into Minas Tirith. On the plains his troops are being slaughtered by the Nazgul until Gandalf and his staff send them away. He goes and sees his father, “You wish that Boromir had lived and I had died,” to which his father replies, “Yes.” “What do you wish me to do?” and he is told to retake the city, which he knows is a hopeless cause, “Think better of me father, if I return.” “That depends on the manner of your return.” Gandalf assures him that Denethor loves him, “He will see it before the end,” but Faramir has his duty and rides out with his men (in a dorky helmet mind you) and returns injured, dragged by his horse to the gates, the only one to return. Denethor seeing Faramir’s body goes quite mad and proceeds to set up a pyre, “We shall burn like the heathen Kings of old.” But Pippin realises that Faramir is alive and tries to stop Denethor who throws him bodily out so the little hobbit goes in search of Gandalf, “He’s burning Faramir, ALIVE!” they both manage to rescue Faramir and when he wakes up a little he sees his father burning. In the House of Healing (SE fingers crossed) Faramir is healed by Aragorn and attends the coronation with the fair lady Éowyn.

 Faramir and Gollum Brothers Father Finding Boromir Éowyn Dorky Helmet Osgiliath Darkness
Sadness Coronation
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