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Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins was adopted by Bilbo (who is a distant relative) when he had been orphaned. When Bilbo leaves  he gives everything to Frodo, even The One Ring.  Throughout his years with Bilbo Frodo grew up with stories of the outside world, of elves, dwarves and dragons. When the time came for Frodo to take the ring from the Shire his good friend Sam insisted on coming along and on the way he is joined by Merry and Pippin. Frodo leaves his life in the hands of the Ranger Strider and then in the Lady Arwen to get him to Rivendell. At the Council of Elrond, Frodo takes it upon himself to bare the ring to Mordor where it will be destroyed. "I will take the ring, but I do not know the way." Frodo is played by Elijah Wood a veteran of the silver screen at such a young age, "This is the first time I've played a 50 year old!"

In the Two Towers Frodo shows several  sides to his character as he is compassionate towards Gollum, angry towards Sam at times, the ring is starting to make him attack those that may threaten him and he seems almost intoxicated half of the time (by the ring of course). Though he is quick thinking in using the Elven cloak to hide Sam and himself from the Easterlings. Though we all know Sam is right in not trusting Gollum but Frodo just seems to dally around as in his heart he really doesn't want to destroy the ring.

Frodo by some say that he is the most important character, blah blah blah but honestly he is my least favourite character and I am not be ashamed to say it. Heck I even like Denethor better than Frodo and I will say for the record that it isn’t Elijah’s fault or anything it is the character, to put it simply he is weak. That does sound a little strange I know, but I think of it this way yes he does resist the Ring and all and I doubt ANY of the other characters could have done that but when it comes to common sense – he has none – none at all. Yes lets follow the gangal creature who wants the Ring to himself, yes leave your best friend behind, yes, get to the firey depths of Mount Doom and claim the Ring for yourself – Hello anyone home? Rant over, sorry had to say it – it has been bugging me for some time but despite my huge rant, he’s not THAT bad.

Frodo starts the journey in Ithilien with Sam and Gollum as they make their way to Minas Morgul and up the steps into the tunnel of Cirith Ungol where the great spider Shelob lies. He becomes trapped inside and draws the light from Galadriel and has to cut his way out with Sting. But little does he realise that Gollum wanted him to be eaten and is attacked, “I have to destroy it Smeagol, for both of us.” But Gollum will hear none of it and Frodo is forced to throw him over the cliff’s edge, exhausted Frodo falls and is helped up by Galadriel only to be stung by Shelob. Sam comes to his rescue and drives off the spider and thinks that Frodo is dead, but he has only been poisoned and is taken to the tower and stripped. Gorbag the orc takes Frodo’s Mithril shirt and is only stopped from torturing Frodo by the ever-brave Sam.

Dressed as Orcs, Sam and Frodo make their way across the plains of Mordor and up into Mount Doom, “I can’t remember the Shire Sam.” When they reach the top Frodo is delirious, he sees Sauron with his waking eyes, things seem to be in front of him when they are not and when he reaches the point where he must throw the Ring in, “Just drop it,” Sam screams, “No, It’s mine” replies Frodo and puts the Ring on and it is only the greed of Gollum that gets it off him – his finger and all. He crash tackles Gollum and both Gollum and the Ring fall into the fire, Frodo hanging onto the edge of the ledge. They manage to run out of the volcano and sit on a rock waiting for their death when they are rescued by the great Eagles and Gandalf.

Aragorn bows to all of the hobbits at his own coronation and they return to the shire where nothing is overly different. Though Frodo knows that he can’t go back to the way it was before and writes his tale in the Red Book. He travels with Bilbo and Gandalf to the Grey Havens and boards a ship into the West much to the sadness of the others.

Bilbo - The star of The Hobbit who discovered the ring in the Misty Mountains taking it from the creature Gollum is now an older hobbit and is giving his eleventy-first birthday party in which he invites most of the Shire to attend and gives out the most interesting of presents. "I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve".. Bilbo loves to tell stories and go on adventures, which is what he does in The Hobbit (or his story: There and Back Again) when he joins the wizard Gandalf and a bunch of dwarves to claim the treasure back from the dragon in the Misty Mountains. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo uses the ring to leave the Shire behind and live with the elves, leaving everything, including the ring to his "nephew" Frodo, but he finds that the ring is very hard to give up (which makes a very interesting shock scene in the movie : P) Bilbo Baggins is played by Sir Ian Holm a veterans of the stage and screen and found that he had problems with his prosthetic feet: "I kept tripping over them and nearly falling on my face."

Bilbo makes another appearance at the end of the Return of the King where he travels to the Grey Havens o make his way across the sea with the other Ringbearers. He is incredibly old and a little forgetful but having out lived the Old Took, takes the record books, “I think I’m ready for another adventure” he remarks before getting on the ship.“Frodo, do you think I could see that old ring of mine?" “I’m afraid I lost it." “Pity.”

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