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Haradrim - Men from the South

From the South of Gondor the Haradrim have often been at odds with the men of Gondor. They are Tall men and fearsome warriors using both sharp spears and arrows but their greatest weapon is that of the Mumakil, Oliphaunts, “Grey as a mouse, bug as a house” these great beasts carry canopies of the warriors high on its back and stomp and stamp down the enemy, making short work of the agile horse riding Rohirrim under their legs. But these creatures are by no means unbreakable and the simplest thing can cause these great beasts to fall to the ground such as loosing their controller down to being slashed on the legs or even shot in the back of the head with three elvish arrows. Tribal leaders wear spiked frames behind their head and were painted much like the Oliphaunts to cause more terror and panic to their foes. Living in such a hot arid place the Haradrim wear light armour and are tribal in nature and since almost all their population are wiped out on the fields of Pelennor they quickly submit to becoming a southern province of Gondor.

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