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Orcs and other Evil Creatures

Moria Orcs (Goblins) - Deep in the Misty Mountains are where the slighter more sure footed version of the Orcs live and are collectively known as Goblins. We are first introduced to these creatures in The Hobbit but they soon make their appearance in the deep mines of Moria. Since they have not lived in the sun for many centuries and only venture out if coerced or threatened. They have large eyes for seeing in the dark. Their swords are sharp and rock like as is their armour that looks as if it has been carved form the rock. "Drums, drums in the deep." They attack the Fellowship in Balin's Tomb and quickly run away when the great Balrog comes but they still continue to shot arrows at the Fellowship as they cross the bridge of Khazadum. Small but deadly little critters.

Mordor Orcs - Servants of Sauron, they seem a little more intelligent but have a fierce rivalry with the Uruk Hai and a dislike for the Goblins. More stockier than the goblins but less so than the Uruk's these Orcs are Sauron's standing army and servants in the great tower and Mordor itself. These are the orcs that participated in the battle at the end of the Second Age and again attack Aragorn and their company when they approach in the Black Gate. They have often conquered Osgiliath - occupying the Mordor side of the river. One of the most hated characters is the Orc General dubbed "Pink Orc" or "My Potatohead" (Rose Took came up with that one) who commands the Orc army on their attack of Minas Tirith. Strong headed but deadly creatures.

Uruk-hai- are creatures that Saruman have made in the depths of Isengard. Saruman dug up his great gardens around the tower (an event that will bring trouble for him later on) to combine Orcs with Goblin-men so that they are taller, stronger, lynx-eyed and able to venture out into the sun. They are a fearsome fighting force to be reckoned with and are lead by the brutal Lurtz. They are easily identifiable in battle by the White Hand of Saruman on their faces and bodies. Over ten Thousand of them attack Helm's Deep in the night - laying siege to the great fortress and killing the Elf Haldir (grr on them). But despite their numbers they are defeated when Gandalf the Grey returns with Éomer and his riders of Rohan. "It is an army bred for one purpose: to destroy the world of Men."

Wargs - Wargs and Warg riders are another type of Orc who originally come from the North between the Misty Mountains and the Woodland realm. They have been coerced much like all of the other Orcs to join Saruman's army. Wargs being terribly fierce creatures do not like to be tamed and often a rider has been mauled by their own mount. Wolf like the Wargs are as big as horses with teeth that can rip a horse's throat out. The Wargs attack the Rohirrim company heading for Helm's Deep and quickly make mince meat out of many of the riders, "So few of you have returned." The "Pink Orc" is even seen riding a Warg during the siege. The Warg riders themselves are scarred creatures with sinister minds that enjoy the carnivorous nature of their mounts.

Cave Trolls - These are creatures that live in the deep places of Moria and are used in sieges such as the one against Minas Tirith, to open the black gates and as a large weapon against intruders. Having very little intelligence the Trolls simply mash and grab what ever is in front of them and don't care about who they injure in the process. They are hard to kill with thick hides, it takes many arrows and sword trusts to bring these creatures down making them the perfect weapon in Sauron's army. They are so strong they are used for various heavy lifting and pushing purposes such as placing the siege towers up against the buildings.

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