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Here are a couple of Ringtones that I have picked up along the way - you will need to figure out how to put it into your phone - though these ones are in Nokia format. Sorry by they are only Monotonic.

Enya - May it Be

16#a1 16c2 4d2 16c2 8d2 8f2 4g2 8- 8g2 af2 8d2 8#a1 4c2 8- 16d2 16f2 4g2 16f2 8g2 8#a2 4f2 8- 16d2 16f2 4g2 32f2 32d2 8c2 8d2 4f2

Main Theme (transcribed by me so it isn't fancy)

4e1 2a1 2g1 8g1 8g1 2a1 4- 8a1 8b1 2c2 4b1 4a1 2g1 4a1 1a1 2g1 2#f1 1e1 2d1 2d1 1e1 2- 4g1 4a1 2b1 4c2 4b1 2a1 2g1 2a1 1g1 2#f1 1e1 4d1 4d1 1e1

Concerning Hobbits

16c1 16d1 4e1 4g1 4e1 4d1 2c1 8- 16e1 16g1 4a1 4c2 4b1 4g1 4e1 8f1 8e1 4d1



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