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Saruman The White is the leader of the Istari, he is wise in all lore and has devoted much time to the study of the Great Rings of Power and often gives council to others of his order. He lives in the vast tower of Orthanc which stands in the middle of Isengard which is home to one of the lost seeing stones which Sauron uses to corrupt him. Saruman plans to build up an army to rival the Dark Lord and to do this he wants the One Ring, but it is this quest for power that will bring about his downfall. Saruman is played by screen legend Christopher Lee, who's roles number too many to mention. "To play Saruman is my dream come true."  "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

"A new power is rising's victory is at hand ... there will be no dawn for the race of Men." In the Two Towers Saruman's colours are really shown as he uses his servant Wormtounge to invade the mind of King Théoden making him recognise "neither friend nor foe. Not even his own kin." But when Gandalf drives Saruman from Théoden's mind, Saruman amasses his forces and sends them to attack the people of Rohan. First he sends out a company of Warg Riders and next his army of Uruk-hai to attack the fortress of Helm's Deep. He uses his cunning and mind to devise a chemical that can "burn stone" and hence blows up the wall of  Helm's Deep. But to his dismay the Ents learn of his butchering of the forest and reek havoc on the fortress of Isengard - leaving the Istari Wizard defenseless. 

He thinks that with Sauron: "together we can rule Middle Earth"  though the wise Elves Galadriel, Celeborn and Elrond all know that Saruman is just a puppet for the Dark Lord. Treebeard says this of Saruman: "Saruman used to walk in these wood, but now he has a mind o f metal and wheels." His fate will be decided in the conclusion Return of the King.

After the Ents overtake Isenguard Saruman is left high in his tower by Gandalf as he has "No power anymore" and "Saruman's filth is washing away." One can only assume that his servant Wormtounge remains with him. (They had a death scene for Saruman where he gets impaled but this was decided against as was the Scouring of the Shire where in the book Saruman is SUPPOSED to go to Hobbition and take it over during the war and when Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin return he is overthrown and killed by Wormtounge who is later shot down but the Hobbits - this was left out of the movie which in my opinion was a good move - if you want to argue go to the Message Board). 

Wormtounge - Grima Wormtounge - servant of Théoden but later shown as the servant of Saruman and in secret dogs the steps of the fair Éowyn - despite all of the warnings from her older brother Éomer. Wormtounge aids Saruman's conquest to the King - rendering him incapable of ruling the Kingdom and stopping Grima from getting his way. He has ultimate power over the King and banishes Éomer for causing trouble, he shows no sympathy for the death of Théodred (as he most likely planned it), "Oh he must have died in the night." But when Gandalf comes and releases Théoden from Saruman's grasp he runs out of the city and to his master - telling him the weaknesses of the fortress of Helm's Deep. His fate is still yet to be decided. Wormtounge is played by Brad Dourif (and do you notice that he has no eyebrows? Creepy).

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