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Secret Diary of Éowyn

Disclaimer: This is not written by me (though I did make the banner) - Sirith wrote it and the idea was copied from  the diaries here and I recommend you read them before reading this. A big thanks to Sirith for letting me publish this on my site

Very Secret Diary of Éowyn Written by Sirith <

Day One: Éomer returned with half-dead Théodred. Tried to heal him, but have forgotten couple of secrets. 
Éomer told Théoden, that Théodred was ambushed by Orcs. He described it really clearly. When I asked, where he was at the time, he just laughed and gave me weird look. 

Day Two: Éomer come to see me again today, still laughing. When he stopped, he told me that he was actually hiding in bushes so I asked him, why didn't he defend Théodred, he laughed again and said, that he wants to be King of Rohan one day, and can't take any risks. 
Why does everyone want to be King? 

Day Three: Éomer was banished by Wormtongue this morning. V. good, don't have to listen his whining about Aragorn. Though on the other hand, probably not as good as it looks. I'm all alone now and Grima is acting really weird. 
Théodred died. Have cried. 

Day Four: Wormtongue keeps hitting on me. Have told that to Théoden, crumpy oldman simply just doesn't understand... 
Some strange guys want to meet Théoden. Wormtongue really nervous. The guests said, that they are Gandalf (is he going to try steal another horse?), Aragorn (another KING????!!!), Legolas (that's better) and a....dwarf??? I think, or its just a Orc with beard. Can't tell difference. 

Day Six: Everyone is making war-plans, but no-one will tell me anything. Hate Théoden. In other news, trying to hit on Aragorn, its just a back-up plan, really I like Legolas, but I have a feeling that if I make a move, dwarf (or Orc) would kill me... 
Off to Helms Deep. 

Day Five: Were attacked by Wargs. Théoden told me to take the others to Helm's Deep. Stupid Théoden. I have worried all day about Legolas.  In Helms Deep. V. stinky. Aragorn died. V. good! Oops... 
Aragorn has returned. Damn, he IS King! In other news, Legolas smiled at me. 
Does Legolas know, that he has a spot on his nose? 

Day Six: A huge elf army has come to save us. V. pretty elves, specially their captain. Théoden locked me in the caves, something about me not distracting him. Stupid Théoden! 
I wonder where Éomer is? Probably in the bushes... 

Day Seven: Éomer made a huge come-back with Gandalf. He saved us all. Stupid Éomer, and to think I spent all that time in the damn cage, I mean cave. 
All elves dead. V. bad. 
Hugged Aragorn, though I was watching Legolas at the time. Dwarf suspects something. 
Planning to sneak off to Gondor. V. good, I will FINALLY get the chance to fight! 

Written by Sirith

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