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Éowyn - Shield Maiden

Éowyn is the daughter of Éomund and Théodwyn, sister to Éomer and niece of King Théoden and is also known as the Shield Maiden of Rohan. She was brought up in Edoras after her father was killed in an Orc-attack, her childhood was hard and this makes her seem "cold" to outsiders. Though she has a shadow - the slimy Grima Wormtounge has his sights on her and when her cousin Théodred dies and Éomer is banished she has no one to turn to. It is no wonder that when Aragorn comes into her life she falls for him.

As the riders go to battle the Warg riders Éowyn leads the people to Helm's Deep at the insistence of the King - even though she says to him "I can fight" he calmly replies "Please do this, for me." She is grief stricken when Aragorn doesn't return and then is heart broken when he does and she sees Legolas give back the Evenstar jewel.

She has lots of skill with a sword and her part to play is not over yet, we will see much more of her in Return of the King. Éowyn is played by Aussie actress (yay!) Miranda Otto who is overwhelmed by it all and waits for the day when stores are trying to get rid of Éowyn dolls (it aint gunna happen.) In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see more of her in the Special Edition DVD of the Two Towers (if they make one).

The fair lady of the Rohan has an important role in the final movie, she greats the travellers from Isengard to Edoras and enjoys the party there in, handing Aragorn a cup, having fallen in love with him, “I approve,” says Théoden, “He is a good man.” She encourages Aragorn that the Rohirrim have, “found their captain… the woman of the court say farewell at the camp.” But she has other ideas, strapping a sword to her horse, which Aragorn soon finds. When Théoden instructs her that the people “Are to follow your rule,” she replies “What other duty would you have me do?” to which he replies “I would have you smile again.” But really what does she have to smile about, Aragorn has told her that he “cannot give you what you seek,” she isn’t allowed to go to war in which her brother and uncle will probably die in but is instead to wait until the armies come to her doorstep. “Why not? Why can’t he fight and die for the ones he loves?”

But she has other ideas, disguising herself under a helmet she rides off to war, bringing Merry along with her and when Théoden lies injured she goes to his rescue bringing down the WitchKing himself, “I am no man.”

Hopefully to be seen in the SE, Éowyn lies injured on the field next to Théoden’s body and is taken to the House of Healing where Aragorn heals her wounds, she soon finds Faramir and they form a bond which is barely shown but for a small glance at one another during Aragorn’s coronation.

Miranda plays Éowyn perfectly, getting the soft and hard side of the character down pat [insert Aussie pride here] and she says this about Peter Jackson “Force of nature.”

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