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Éomer of the Mark

The gorgeous Third Rider of the Mark, Éomer is the nephew of King Théoden, son of Éomund and Théodwyn and brother of Shield Maiden, Éowyn. He brings his cousin Théodred to Edoras, who has been wounded on an attack on the Fords of Isen and tries to convince the ailing King of Rohan of the threat of Saruman's Orcs. But to his dismay, Grima Wormtounge slithers out and banishes Éomer for his "insubordination". The angry but determined young man gathers a force and hunts the plains of Rohan - killing any Uruk-hai or Orc that should cross his path.

It is doing this that he meets Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli on the plains of Rohan after killing a band of Uruk-hai and Orcs the night before. "What is an Elf, a Man and a Dwarf doing in the Riddermark? Speak quickly."   He is soon convinced that they are not spies of Saruman and tells them to search the burnt bodies for their friends and warns them of the state of Théoden "He recognises neither friend from foe. Not even his own kin." and of Saruman's reach he then leaves them with horses and tells them "But do not hope - for it is forsaken in this land."

He travels North with his band of "outlaws" and returns at dawn on the fifth day to save the people of Rohan under siege at Helm's Deep with Gandalf the White. His part to play in the tale is not complete as he rides with his uncle Théoden to the war between the Free People of Middle Earth and Sauron's forces. Éomer is played by Karl Urban.

In the Return of the King Éomer rides with Théoden, Aragorn and co to Isengard then onto Edoras to plan what they are going to do next and party for their victory of course. When the beacons are lit and Aragorn comes storming in, Théoden instructs Éomer to go find troops for the army. At Dunharrow he tells Gimli about the pass through the mountains, “None have ever returned, that place is haunted.” And when Éowyn is encouraging Merry to get all armoured up, “Don’t encourage him… it is not his strength I’m worried about, it’s the reach of his arm.” He rides with Théoden to Pelennor fields, commanding one of the four groups. When he sees a tribal leader high on one of the Oliphaunt, Éomer fearlessly, grabs the closest spear and kills the Haradrim, which in turn brings down the Oliphaunt, which in turn knocks over another Oliphaunt. He also rides out with Aragorn to the Black Gates, even though his Uncle has been killed and his sister lies injured, which Merry on the back of his horse.

After the Ring is destroyed Éomer is crowned King of Rohan and stays a steadfast supporter of Aragorn and at Aragorn’s coronation he is looking very smart and if you have a high resolution picture please tell me where you got it on the message board.

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