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Gliadin the Aloof Elf Prince-ss
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My own personal "Seen too much LotR" things I am guilty of

* Screaming "Die spawn of Shelob" to any spider that crosses my path
* Having the urge to scream "Nazgul" when a bird shadow flies over my head
* Wear and Elven Brooch all of the time (just kidding)
* Have an Elf costume complete with quiver and arrows
* Have my own LotR site
* Collect LotR toys (41 and counting)
* Call New Zealand Middle Earth
* Want my own Nazgul and Fell Beast
* Have the "You shall not pass" sign in my car
* Have Lord of the Rings Ringtone on my phone - that I transcribed myself (took me 2 hours!)
* Wear my hair in Elvish fashion
* Have made my own LotR T-Shirts

Okay it's sad I know - but funny thing is whilst I am a very busy person I always have time for LotR :) What am I going to do when it's all completely finished??? I confess, I'm a LotR Fanatic!

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