Treebeard - Leader of the Ents

Treebeard leader of the Ents, tree hearders, and is one of the oldest living beings on Middle Earth. He is also known as Fangorn in which the forest is named after. Most stay away from the forest because of its dank shadows and gnarled roots and if one is not watching the trees seem to move and talk to each other. It is here that the two hobbits make their escape and encounter the oldest of the Ents, Treebeard who suspects them of being "little Orcs" and takes them to meet the White Wizard.

"This forest is old, very old, full of memory and anger." Treebeard takes his two hobbit companions to the Entmoot - the congress of the Ents where they have a very long and slow conference, "It takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish ... we have decided that you are not Orcs" the Ents behind him nodding in agreement (the Willow-like Ent is so funny looking!) Treebeard decides with the Ents that they will wait out the war like they have always down "I am on nobodies side for nobody is on my side." 

He then takes Merry and Pippin through the forest until Pippin tells him to take them to Isengard, "I like going South, it always seems like you are going downhill." It is on the outskirts that he discovers the trees Saruman has destroyed for his forges and screams in anger "These trees were my friends ... My business is with stone and Isengard" and the Ents march to war (Isengard Unleashed contains this music - a bit after Haldir's death music). Treebeard and the Ents knock down Isengard's surrounding walls and break the dam so that the water floods the underground caverns Saruman has made (check out the Ent that has to put his head out). Here we leave Treebeard standing with the other Ents, two hobbits perched on his shoulders in the now flooded Isengard.

Treebeard has a very small role in RotK as Merry and Pippin are greeted by Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Théoden and Éomer. He stands watch as Saruman doesn't leave his tower.

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