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Legolas - The Two Towers

Legolas has a much larger role in this movie than in the first - he speaks more and shows heaps more emotion and the whole thing with Gimli is such a crack up. As with Aragorn and Gimli, Legolas is hunting the band of Uruk-hai and Orcs that have taken Merry and Pippin hostage across the plains of Rohan. It is on this plain that he meets Éomer and defends Gimli much to Gimli's surprise (more on this meeting in Aragorn's TTT bio). In Fangorn forest Legolas spies that "Someone is out there" and meets up with the returned Gandalf. He travels with the rest to Edoras and when Gandalf is drawing Saruman out of Théoden he gladly bashes the men of Rohan that try to stop it (so much glee on his face - it is a male thing).

He travels with the rest to Helm's Deep, using his Elf eye  sight to look for any danger and when the Warg army come over the hill he is not afraid to stand in the open and shoot arrows at the oncoming Warg's with ease and easily vaults onto his horse. When the battle is over Legolas looks for Aragorn and is highly dismayed to learn that Aragorn has fallen off of the cliff into the river below - he doesn't believe the Orc "You lie" until he spies the Evenstar jewel in its fingers. He continues to Helm's Deep with Gimli and when Aragorn returns his eyes show all of the emotion - it seems like he is trying not to do a Gimli and hug Aragorn and simply says "You're late ... You look terrible" and gives Aragorn back the Evenstar jewel.

In the armory Legolas gets angry at Aragorn for staying, speaking to him  in  Elvish about how futile the fight is going to be "Three hundred against ten thousand"  and is dismayed when Aragorn replies "And I shall die with them." Later on he gets armoured up and goes to Aragorn for forgiveness "There is nothing to forgive Legolas" and they give each other affectionate manly one armed shoulder hugs. They both have a laugh at Gimli's ridiculous chain mail "dress" and rush out when they hear the horns of the Elves. After Aragorn hugs the surprised Haldir Legolas gives him the "one handed- shoulder hug" and beams as he stands with his kin.

Legolas joins the Elves on the battlements with Gimli and says to  Aragorn "You're friends are with you." It is here on the battlement that Gimli comments to Legolas, as you can barely see his helmet over the wall, "You could've picked a better spot." As the battle starts the my favourite quote occurs (it balances out the fact that my favourite book quote wasn't included - on the FotR Legolas Page) between Gimli and Legolas: Gimli: "I can't see, what's happening?" 

Legolas: "Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?"

Fans of the book will greatly revere the fact that Peter Jackson put in the "scoring" of Orc kills between Legolas and Gimli, as the battle starts Gimli yells to  Legolas: "Legolas, Two." In which the Elf replies: "I'm up to seventeen." Shoots two more Orcs "Nineteen." Then we hear Gimli counting the number of Orcs that he has killed as the camera pans around the battlement - a priceless LotR moment.

Legolas rides out with Aragorn and Théoden in a final stand and so his story will continue - a man and dwarf by his side. Click on the Return of the King Preview on the Left to see a much bigger version (it is one of the calendar pictures).

Legolas - Fellowship of the Ring

Legolas - Return of the King

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