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Legolas - Return of the King

Yet again Legolas is with Gimli and Aragorn and Gandalf and follows them to Isengard and onto Edoras. In a scene that hopefully will make the SE, Legolas asks what is the point of a drinking game to which Gimli replies “Last one standing wins” and Legolas reluctantly takes a sip of ale. Later on that night, he stands watch over the East, “the starts are veiled… the enemy is moving… he is here” the pair of them rush to the sleeping quarters where Pippin is locked in a battle with Sauron through the palantir and Aragorn takes it off of him, struggling himself with the support of Legolas until Gandalf covers it. The Elf rides to Dunharrow and follows Aragorn into the deep of Dimholt to confront the army that awaits there, “You know the stubbornness of dwarves.”With the army of the dead Legolas attacks an Oliphaunt on the plains of Pelennor, climbing up it’s great legs and knocking the huge canopy down before shooting the Oliphaunt in the back of the head and riding down it’s trunk as it falls to the ground with a slight cock of his head as if to say, “Did you see that?” to which Gimli replies, “That only counts as one.”

Yet again he follows Aragorn to the Black Gates ready to die for the sake  of Frodo, Gimli remarks when the Orcs comes streaming out , “I never thought I’d die fighting side by side with an Elf,” “What about a friend?” “Aye I can do that.”

He has a lovely smile when Frodo has recovered and returns for Aragorn’s coronation with a troop of Elves, Aragorn tells him that he is late and Legolas moves aside so that Arwen can come forward, his way of saying, “I approve.”

Even though Orlando doesn’t need more fans, I bet that he will get some with this movie and don’t forget he does star tin other movies too such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the upcoming Troy.

Legolas - Fellowship of the Ring

Legolas - The Two Towers

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RotK Waiting Game Riding Camping Wind blown Dimholt The way is shut Oliphaunt Poster
Battle Prince Leggie
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