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Other Character Bios
I have moved some of the bios that were here to other character pages which are most related - though some still feature here.

Silmarillion Characters that I love and RPG with:




Moria Orcs (Goblins)
Mordor Orcs

Elendil - Father of Isildur, leader of the remaining men of Numenor after the Downfall of Numenor by Ar-Pharazon's folly and deception by Sauron. He was the son of Amandil and known as Elendil the Tall or Elendil the Faithful and founded the realms of men in Middle Earth. Aragorn is one of his direct descendents and Elendil features as the bearded statue of the Kings of Old. He died at the hand of Sauron in the Last Alliance of elves and men at the foot of Mordor.

Figwit - An elf at the Council of Elrond has gained quite a following so here for the latest information and the hype on the extra that has won the hearts of many fans. Or got here to become a member fan: Such A Pretty Face- The Figwit fan list. He may not say much (much debate over whether he says "Pluck You" or not) he pouts a bit and even stands up. That's Figwit for you. He is played by Bret McKenzie. And if you don't have a widescreen TV and zoom your DVD then you miss most of his performance. He has another appearance in Return of the King as the Elf how tells Arwen tht they must hurry and watches as she turns and returns to Rivendell - thank you Peter Jackson for that one :).

Isildur - son of Elendil, who was slain along with the Elf-Lord Gil-Galad by the hand of Sauron during the battle in the midst of Mordor. Isildur takes up his father's sword (the shattered Narsil) and cuts the ring off of Sauron's finger, banishing the Dark Lord and winning the battle. Isildur took the ruling ring and followed Elrond to the summit of Mount Doom but when the time came for him to cast the ring back into the fires he is corrupted by the ring's power and takes it away. But as time goes on the ring betrays Isildur by falling off of his finger in the water thus making him visible and shot down by Orcs at the Gladden Fields. Isildur is played by Harry Sinclair.

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