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Sauron - Lord of the Rings

Of the Maiar, known as the Dark Lord of Mordor was once lieutenant to the "evil" Valar (Melkor) who fledduring the First Age but Sauron remained and gathered up his forces and when he made the Ruling Ring to control all of the other great rings he became a power to recon with. Sauron was defeated during the Last Alliance of Elves and Man during the second age by Isildur when the ring was cut off of his finger, but Sauron's presence remained and he started building up his forces again to reek havoc on Middle Earth. His almighty eye watches as the ring comes south to lead him to his ultimate victory over the elves and men. He is "The Lord of the Rings." He watches all from his great tower of Barad-dûr.

During Two Towers Saruon allies himself with Saruman and gets him to create an army that is "bred for a single purpose - to destroy the world of men." He also starts gathering armies to him to "make his war" such as the Haradrim from the South and the Easterlings from the East, near the Sea of Rhun. "Sauron attacks us form Mordor, Saruman from Isengard." He sends his army to take the river and the dilapidated city of Osgiliath where the Return of the King starts off by the Orcs fully claiming the city. Sitting high atop his tower the great eye flickers over his army encampment and he sends his war leader the WitchKing to lay siege to Minas Tirith. When Frodo and Sam enter his domain he is oblivious and when they start reaching Mount Doom he catches them in his gaze but Aragorn's army at the Black Gate draws his attention, letting the two hobbits slip past his gaze and up into Mount Doom. When the ring finally is destroyed Sauron's power wanes as he slowly disappears and with a final 'whoosh' (akin to that in the Prologue) Sauron, Dark Lord of Middle Earth is destroyed.

There is also another character that should be mentioned here with Sauron though he doesn't make the theatratical version of the RotK but probably will be in the Special Edition is the Mouth of Sauron who is the word and voice of Sauron. He was once Numenorean, but Sauron's dark arts has turned him into something else. He rides a skeletal beast and brandishes Frodo's Mithril shirt to Aragorn in an attempt to make them despair. Nothing is visible underneath his frightning helm, but his sinister mouth, hence the name. One can only assume he is destroyed along with Sauron and the Nazgul.

Shelob - A great evil spider descendant of the dark Ungoliant, ally of Melkor is an ally of Sauron’s. She abides in her tunnel snatching any unweary travellers, "She likes her meat fresh.” Gollum leads the hobbits to her home, “We could let her do it… she hungers for sweeter meats… and once their dead we takes it.” Dark and evil she tracks Frodo and stabs him with her stinger before wrapping him up, but unknown to her another Hobbit comes and starts attacking her. She tries to sting him as well but fails as he wounds her and she retreats back into her tunnel.

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